“A my wife Jill [Biden] and I will go to Hawaii as soon as possible (…) I want to make sure we don’t stop relief operations “, said Joe Biden on a visit to the state of Wisconsin.

The most recent balance of forest fires in Hawaii indicates 99 fatalities and the number “could double” this week, said the governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, on CNN television.

It’s just that most of the bodies found to date were near the seafront or in the ocean. Dozens of people jumped into the water to escape the flames.

“We are being crushed by the circumstances of climate change and tragedy at the same time,” lamented Green.

According to the governor, 1,300 people are still missing. This number is decreasing as communications are gradually restored across Maui and residents are able to locate family members.

Last week, Joe Biden declared a state of catastrophe, which allows federal aid to be released to the North American archipelago to finance emergency aid and reconstruction efforts on the island.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2381094/presidente-dos-eua-promete-visita-o-mais-depressa-possivel-ao-havai

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