This Sunday, June 30, 2024, it takes place in Venezuela a simulation of the presidential elections organized by the National Electoral Council.

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The opposition reported that its participation in the day is technical nature to evaluate aspects of the process.

For this Sunday’s activity, The National Electoral Council (CNE) enabled 1,174 voting centers throughout the nation and since 8:00 am citizens have been able to go to any of them to familiarize themselves with the electoral process.

Elvis Amoroso, president of the CNE, stated: “We are giving the world the opportunity to realize that it is a transparent electoral system, where everyone can come and do their drill. We are accompanied by observers from around the world who are observing what is happening in our beloved homeland Venezuela.”

This appointment also aims to verification of the voting system.

Next July 28th, At least 21 million people are called to vote in an election in which 10 candidates will participate, Among them is the current president, Nicolás Maduro, who is seeking his third term, as well as Edmundo González Urrutia, a candidate from the opposition coalition, the Democratic Unitary Platform.

For this Sunday’s activity, the ruling party called on its militants to participate, while the opposition platform decided not to mobilize its supporters, but to participate in a technical manner.

On the other hand, as part of the campaign, both candidates continue to make visits to different regions of the country.

Millions of Venezuelan citizens abroad will not be able to vote

In view of the elections in the neighboring country, Venezuelans in Colombia and around the world They claim that they will not be able to exercise their right to vote.

Of more than 4 million Venezuelans abroad eligible to elect a president, Only 69,000 managed to register.

“One feels like being disappointed“I mean, it’s my country, why are they denying us that right?” said Kellybeth Patricia Ramírez, a Venezuelan living in Colombia.

“Me I would have liked to have the photo this July 28th with my finger marked with ink. “I’m not going to have it,” said Alejandro Méndez, a Venezuelan who is the manager of @cedrizuela.

Kellybeth and Alejandro left Venezuela several years ago, tired of the reality they lived there.

Recently, Both sought to be part of what they considered could be the opportunity for everything to change, the presidential elections on July 28, but they did not succeed.

“I tried to register to be able to vote here because from here I have voted even in the primaries and They told me that I had to have a valid passport. Apart from that, I had to have a visa or a foreign identity card, and the truth is, I don’t have one. I only have a temporary protection permit,” Kellybeth explained.

“The second limitation is having a laminated ID card. It didn’t matter whether it was expired or not, but Venezuelans cannot renew their ID abroad. That is to say, for example, I have been in Colombia for 10 years, if I threw away my ID, lost it or it was stolen, I no longer have a document to register,” Alejandro added.

However, These are not isolated cases.

Eduardo Battistini, president of the Primero Justicia Party abroad, said that “The official figure is that 69,000 Venezuelans managed to register formally.“That is, comply with all the processes that the Maduro regime put in place to be able to vote. But when you compare that with the number of Venezuelans eligible to vote outside of Venezuela, which is approximately 4 million Venezuelans, you realize that there is a huge gap.”

That is to say, The requirements affected Venezuelans around the world.

For analysts, the message is clear. “It is not only about taking votes away from the opposition, but also about taking power away from this political event that is taking shape”said Cesar Baez, political analyst.

But for those who left their country, they say, hope is not lost.

“My family, most of them are in Venezuela. I have families who are politically net of Maria Corina Machado And the truth is that they are there. The truth is that I feel satisfied knowing that my whole family is going to vote and that I know that one day I will return to Venezuela,” concluded Kellybeth.

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