The commotion continues in South Korea due to the fire in a battery factory that left 23 dead. Now they met videos of the moment the conflagration began.

>>>Tragedy in South Korea: at least 22 dead due to fire in battery factory

Images captured by security cameras show when The batteries start to catch fire, white smoke spreads through the place and workers try to contain the flames with fire extinguishers..

The factory apologized for what happened and assured that it complied with safety regulations.

They investigate the causes of the fire in the battery factory

South Korea opened an investigation this Tuesday to clarify the causes of the fire that devastated a lithium battery factory and left 23 dead, most of them Chinese workers.

The Fire Department confirmed the fire that occurred on Monday, June 24, 2024 in Hwaseong, south of Seoul, caused the death of 17 Chinese workers, compared to a preliminary balance of 18 deaths of this nationality.

The plan is to confirm the identity of the victims by collecting DNA from their bodies.“firefighter Kim Jin-young told reporters.

The Government announced that it has opened a formal investigation that will involve several ministries and departments to clarify the causes of the worst accident in a factory in several years in South Korea.

About 100 workers were at the plant when a series of explosions were heard. on the second floor, where lithium batteries are inspected and packaged.

Surveillance cameras at the entrance to the plant show that white smoke spread in less than 20 seconds and that people ran awayreported the Yonhap news agency.

Firefighters indicated that it is likely that toxic smoke quickly stunned workers in the area where the fire started and that due to the presence of lithium, efforts to extinguish the fire were unsuccessful.

South Korea is a major producer of batteries, including those used in electric vehicles.

In addition to apologizing for the tragedy, Park Soon-kwan, the CEO of Aricell, the company that owns the battery plant, said the company will cooperate with investigators. The executive added that there were fire extinguishers in the building and that evacuation rehearsals were carried out regularly.

Xing Haiming, Chinese ambassador to Seoulvisited the damaged plant on Monday and described the fire as “heartbreaking”, but highlighted the dialogue with the South Korean Government to avoid similar tragedies.

I hope South Korean companies learn the painful lesson“, he claimed.

Lithium batteries are highly flammable and are difficult to control with conventional fire extinguishing methods.

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