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Top Chef is a real springboard for the careers of candidates. Many people opened their establishments following the show. Jean Covillault also has a series of pop-up restaurants for our greatest pleasure. The cook who became known to the public during the 14th season of Top Chef. He stood out for his good humor and friendliness. Two characteristics that are also found in its establishments. If a few months ago, he had opened his ephemeral broth; now heading for a new Eldorado: a tavern. Nothing better for the summer season.

It was in February that Jean Covillault announced the launch of his first ephemeral address “Court-Bouillon”: “I will finally be able to welcome you to my home” announced the young man via an Instagram post. Indeed, the former Top Chef candidate inaugurated his ephemeral restaurant on February 12, which was to close on March 31. Faced with its success, it was finally extended for a few weeks. “It’s simply a broth of friends. Small old-fashioned kitchen, dusted. It’s very small, just 20 seats. I’m all alone in the kitchen, I have my friend in the dining room. But the idea is to have fun”. A la carte: 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts of your choice. Simple but comforting recipes.

Given this success, it is impossible not to repeat the experience. This summer, lovers of good eating will be able to find Jean in his first tavern “La Belle Tablée”. It’s on the barge “La Terrasse Notre-Dame – Equity” that the chef plans to receive as many people as possible to party around a good meal at sunset to take advantage of the beautiful summer evenings that await us.

If the concept changes, user-friendliness once again remains the watchword. On the banks of the Seine a few steps from Notre Dame de Paris, “the chef offers modern banquet-style cuisine, with large tables and lovely moments of sharing until mid-July” can we read in the press release.

When it comes to the menu, the chef knows how to talk to us. On Instagram, the former Top Chef candidate announces the color: “We’re going to have a little barbecue with friends”. This new address rhymes with simplicity, quality products and modernity. So how can you not validate? On the menu you will find superb platters of seasonal raw vegetables, French charcuterie and flavored butter to spread. The chef will also offer summer grills that will please both meat lovers and vegetarians with the halloumi/mushroom combo, all accompanied by fresh salads.

Finally, to end the meal well, it’s impossible to ignore a good cheese platter to share and a dessert cart where you can enjoy a peach-almond financier, a Breton shortbread and strawberry tart, a chocolate cake and a seasonal fruit salad. It will be difficult to be reasonable…

Count 36 euros per person.

To refresh themselves, customers will have the choice between a selection of craft beers, light rosé wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

Mark your calendars! So don’t miss the opening of this restaurant on June 4. Reservations will be open from June 4 until June 23 initially. The chef specifies that the barge will be open from 5:30 p.m. until 2 a.m., enough to party until the end of the night.


by Jean Covillault

11 quai Montebello, 75005 Paris


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