PFew details have been revealed about exactly what happened at the event in Ingolstadt ahead of Sunday’s state elections. The party said Tino Chrupalla, one of its two leaders, was hospitalized following what it called a “violent incident”, German news agency dpa reported. German news agency dpa reported that the party did not have detailed information about his health.

According to the party, the incident occurred in a crowd shortly before its intervention.

A police statement issued tonight said Chrupalla had to receive medical treatment backstage at around 4.30pm and was taken to a hospital, but “no obvious injury was evident at that time” without adding further details about the treatment or about what was thought to have happened.

Police are investigating to determine “the exact circumstances of this medical incident.” The statement urges people who took photographs and videos during the event to make them available to police.

Chrupalla, 48, has been one of the party’s two leaders since 2019. The other leader is Alice Weidel.

The Alternative for Germany, known by its German acronym AfD, was founded in 2013, initially with a focus against euro zone bailout packages. It gained momentum after the arrival of large numbers of refugees and migrants in 2015, and first entered Germany’s national parliament in 2017.

Recent national polls place it in second place, with support of around 20%, well above the 10.3% it obtained during the last federal elections in 2021. The rise of migration will be the re-emergence of migration as the main political issue. , frustration with the government’s climate and energy policies, and high inflation.

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