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Hosted by culinary critic François-Régis Gaudry, the show “Très Très Bon”, broadcast on Paris Première, lists the best products in the capital. The latest? The baguette. It is, in fact, this emblem of France which was recently scrutinized. In total, the experts have decided and elected the best baguette in Paris.

The famous gastronomic show “Très Très Bon” lists the addresses to know. Lately, it’s the baguette that has been in the spotlight. For the occasion, the jury was made up of François-Régis Gaudry, culinary critic and host of the show, Elisa Gautier, entrepreneur and restaurateur and Marie-Laure Fréchet, journalist.

All three had the heavy responsibility of testing the 15 baguettes put in competition, all coming from one and the same region: Paris. In order to establish a ranking, the experts had to base themselves on 4 fundamental criteria for a good baguette: crumb, crust, taste and chew.

A major challenge: “It’s tight. Wow”, states François Régis Gaudry in an Instagram video. Before explaining that one of the wands had still managed to stand out: “There is one who wins the match, it is number 14 since she has a score of 18/20. We can speak of an almost perfect baguette. A competition stick. It’s our very, very good baguette.”

Verdict? The winning bakery is Basil, “It’s Claire and Jérome Bails’ great bakery in the 16th arrondissement” specifies the culinary critic.

If this bakery is particularly known for its famous cinnamon rolls, it is its baguette which won over the jury. This establishment was created in 2021 by a brother and sister who dreamed of opening their bakery and pastry shop. In his forties, Jérôme wanted to change his life and leave the financial world to devote himself to his passion: baking. After training in baking at the Ferrandi school, he joined forces with his sister Claire and together opened Basil in April 2021, a boutique in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. That’s when the dream comes true and the magic happens.

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The “Très Très Bon” team revealed its Top 3 on Instagram, just to vary the pleasures. Here is the list of the best baguettes in the capital:



12, rue François Millet, Paris XVI



54, rue Oberkampf, Paris XI



24, rue Paul Bert, Paris XI


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