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The dishwasher is an essential household appliance in the daily life of many French people. In addition to being a considerable time saver, it also allows you to water savings equivalent to 70% compared to washing by hand. This represents 35 liters of water saved with each cycle. In addition, you reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy to heat the water needed for washing dishes. In short, the list of advantages is long, as you will have understood.

To benefit from optimal efficiency and beneficial value for money, it is necessary to choose your dishwasher carefully. L’association UFC-Que-Choisir rightly looked into the subject.

The consumer association has carried out extensive tests to determine a ranking of the best dishwashers.

For that, 15 different models were tested : 7 free-standing and 8 integrated. Among the brands studied, we could find: Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Smeg, Ikea and Beko. It was in its October issue that UFC-Que-Choisir revealed the results. In order not to distort the tests, the monthly first purchased the devices anonymously commercially before having them analyzed by independent laboratories. Several criteria were decisive such as the effectiveness of the eco and fast programs, the noise caused by the device or its ease of use.

Miele G 7110 SC: It was the dishwasher from the German brand Miele that managed to take first place on the podium. His strength ? Its eco mode which is particularly efficient and requires the least energy of the selection. The icing on the cake is that it is appreciated for its sound discretion. The only downside is its high price of 1,290 euros.

Bosch SMS4HTI49E : Second place in this ranking goes to the Bosch dishwasher, sold at a more affordable price of 680 euros. Its good energy efficiency and satisfactory capacity make it a good dishwasher.

Ikea Villboda 205.416.48 : Finally, it is the built-in model from the Ikea brand that stands out. It is sold at a price of 569 euros.


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