For the first time in history, a name of Latin origin sneaks into the top 10 of the most popular names for newborns in the United States. This is Mateo, a name that has climbed positions at a dizzying pace until reaching sixth place during the year 2023., according to data from the Social Security Administration. This event marks a significant cultural milestone, reflecting the growing influence and presence of the Latino community in the North American country.

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Social Security Administration records reveal that, in 2023, more than 11,200 babies were named Mateo in the United States. This figure represents a considerable increase compared to previous years, evidencing the upward trend in the popularity of this name.

According to experts in culture and society, Mateo’s rise on the lists of onomastic popularity is a reflection of the growing inclusion of the community Latina in American society.

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What is the origin of the name Mateo, the most popular in the United States?

Mateo, name of Hebrew origin that means “gift from God”, has a long tradition and a deep religious meaning. It has been used throughout history by biblical figures and important personalities, giving it an aura of nobility and transcendence.


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