In the Latin American context, characterized by its cultural and historical diversity, it stands out a country that has reached a distinctive immigration agreement with the United States. As is widely known, a visa is a requirement for many travelers who wish to enter the North American nation.

In the case of Latin America, some destinations face difficulties obtaining this document, but only one It has the advantage of being able to enter the United States without having to have this requirement.

What is the country that does not need an American visa to enter the United States?

Chile is located in the extreme south of the continent and is the only one in Latin America whose citizens can enjoy the privilege of traveling to the United States. without the need for a visa for short tourism or business stays.

Since February 28, 2014, Chile is part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), an initiative that allows citizens of member countries to visit the United States for up to 90 days without requiring a conventional visa.

This privilege is the result of a series of criteria met by Chile, which include security standards in the issuance of passports and a low rate of citizens remaining in the United States beyond their permitted period of stay.

What requirements do Chileans need to travel to the United States?

Although Chileans are visa-exempt, they must obtain a electronic travel authorization, ESTA, before their arrival in the United States. This permit, which is processed online, has a lower cost than a visa and a duration of 2 yearsIn addition, it is valid for multiple entries to the North American country.

Access to this program not only reflects the trust and strong bilateral relationship between Chile and the United States, but also facilitates cultural, tourist and commercial exchange.

However, citizens of Chile can travel to the North American country complying with all immigration laws during their stay and respecting the 90-day time allowed. Furthermore, they cannot work illegally and They must comply with the requirements given by the immigration authorities of the American Union.


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