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Basil is an aromatic herb appreciated for its freshness and its inimitable aroma. However, sometimes our precious basil becomes dilapidated before we can even use it in our favorite recipes. However, there is no question of wasting these precious leaves, we are going to present 5 recipe ideas to get the most out of your tired basil. Find out how to breathe new life into this delicate herb and add a touch of authenticity to your dishes.

The pesto is a classic Italian sauce, but why not give it a boost with raplapla basil? Add some toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic, grated parmesan, quality olive oil, and mix everything to obtain a revitalizing homemade pesto. Serve it with fresh pasta, grilled vegetables or as a condiment for your favorite sandwiches. If you don’t have enough basil for this sauce, you can supplement it with arugula, tops or even salad.

Transform your basil into a delicious infusion. Boil water, add basil leaves and let it steep for a few minutes. You will get a refreshing drink with herbaceous notes. You can enjoy it hot or cold, garnished with a little honey for a sweet touch.

Basil olive oil is a great way to preserve the aroma of basil. Finely chop your tired basil, mix it with extra virgin olive oil, and let it sit for a few days. You will obtain a perfect fragrant oil for seasoning your salads, pastas or seafood dishes.

Give character to your tomato sauces by incorporating basil. Simply chopped and added at the end of cooking, the basil will infuse its flavors into the sauce, giving it a Mediterranean touch. Ideal for pizzas, pasta or even to accompany meat dishes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with desserts! Turn your basil into a refreshing ice cream or sorbet. Mix chopped basil with sugar and water, then heat to create a syrup. After cooling, incorporate it into an ice cream or sorbet base for a one-of-a-kind summer flavor.


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