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Popular messaging app: Whatsapp down in the meantime – disruptions reported worldwide

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The WhatsApp messaging service had temporary connection problems: users worldwide reported that they could no longer log in or send messages. Germany was also affected by the problems.

“We are working quickly to fix the connection problems with Whatsapp and will update you as soon as possible,” said a message on the official Whatsapp Twitter channel at around 10:45 p.m. on Thursday evening. A few minutes later, the update followed: “We’re back, enjoy chatting!”

Previously, users on Twitter had made the hashtag #Whatsapp one of the most searched topics within a few minutes. In Germany, more than 100,000 reports had been received by 10 p.m. on sites such as allestoerungen.de. Other meta-offers were unaffected, according to a page from the company on the operational status of the systems.

More than two billion people worldwide use the popular messaging service. As recently as October, a two-hour outage caused frustration among users worldwide. The Whatsapp parent company Meta, which also owns Facebook and Instagram, apologized for the outage at the time, but did not make the causes public.


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Source: https://www.focus.de/digital/handy/beliebte-messaging-app-nutzer-weltweit-melden-stoerung-bei-whatsapp_id_199506396.html

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