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Zucchini are realvegetable garden stars And these delight us with their delicate flavor and culinary versatility. However, with the arrival of the winter months, we often find ourselves impatiently awaiting their return to our tables. SO, When will we finally be able to enjoy these delicious vegetables again?

Zucchini are vegetables that reach their peak during the hot summer months. From May to September, market stalls are often overflowing with these green gems. During this time, zucchini is at its freshest and its flavor is at its peak, so it’s the perfect time to take full advantage of it. Nevertheless, zucchini can be available all year round thanks to modern greenhouse growing and transportation methods. While these out-of-season zucchini may look appealing, they can often lack flavor and texture. This is why, in addition to obvious ecological reasons, it is preferable to consume them in peak season.

When choosing zucchini, it is important to select fresh, quality examples to ensure a satisfying eating experience. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • The exterior appearance : Look for zucchini that is firm and smooth, without wrinkles or spots. Shiny skin is often a sign of optimal freshness.
  • The size : Small to medium-sized zucchini are generally preferable, as they tend to be more tender and have less developed seeds. Avoid oversized zucchini, which can be fibrous and less flavorful.
  • The weight : Fresh zucchini should be light for their size, indicating a good moisture level. Avoid any that are too heavy, as this could indicate that they are overripe or soggy.
  • The stem : Make sure the zucchini stem is fresh and green, with no signs of wilting or drying out. A dry stem may indicate an old or poor quality zucchini.


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