An innocent game between children ended in an unfortunate tragedy that ended the life of a minor in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

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According to the authorities’ report, the fatal victim was playing with his friends in the patio of a house and for reasons still unknown, He ended up in a well from which he could not get out and drowned.

The incident occurred in the town of Leones, south of the province of Córdoba.

According to the testimony presented by the minor’s mother to the authorities, when they realized the child’s absence they began their search and the friends he was playing with told him that he “he would have tried to hide inside the cistern, which contained sewage.”

A fire team arrived at the house to remove the minor’s body. According to TN, the rescuers maintained that the well with water “had “five meters deep and contained three meters of sewage.”

“We received a call to our barracks, where they told us that a person, a child, had fallen into a cistern. We immediately went to the place and one of our firefighters went down there to search for it,” said Commissioner Rubén Caballero.

With a motor pump they managed to drain the water tank and At the bottom they found the lifeless body of the child, Although they tried to revive him, there was nothing they could do.

The authorities transported the body for an autopsy to determine the causes of death.

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