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With summer, sunshine and high temperatures, we are much more inclined to eat fruit. Some are particularly refreshing: this is the case with watermelon. Full of water, slightly sweet, this (large) fruit is very popular during hot weather. But according to several studies published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicinethe pink and green fruit should be consumed in moderation. Indeed, although rich in water, it could be dangerous for some people with chronic kidney disease.

Watermelon is a fruit rich in nutrients. It thus provides citrulline, an amino acid useful for taking care of heart health, but also magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. However, consumed in excess, the potassium level risks being too high. Hyperkalemia (too high potassium levels) can be responsible for muscle weakness, paralysis, cardiac abnormalities or even cardiac arrest in the most serious cases. However, these risks are greater for people who have other health problems such as kidney failure. In fact, the kidneys no longer function properly and have difficulty filtering the body’s blood. This results in potassium being poorly filtered in the blood, thus leading to an increased risk of hyperkalemia. But for Doctor Arnaud Cocaul, questioned by Doctissimowatermelon is not really responsible for these cases of hyperkalemia.

In reality, more than watermelon, it is excesses of all kinds that represent a danger to health. According to Dr. Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist, “This high potassium content is true for many fruits and vegetables. If you eat a lot of broccoli, your potassium level will also increase! It’s all about quantity – and repetition. If you eat a watermelon one day, and avoid it the next, your level will naturally regulate itself. The problem is excessive and repeated consumption of a food.”. According to the specialist, to suffer from hyperkalemia while eating watermelons, it is possible that the patients concerned certainly suffered from eating disorders.


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