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Soon, viewers will be able to find Michel Sarran not in Top Chef but in the show La Meilleur Boulangerie de France. Indeed, the Toulouse chef will replace Norbert and travel across France alongside Bruno Cormerais and Noémie Honiat.

The year 2024 will be special, since we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show Top Chef, a flagship program where Michel Sarran was the chef of the yellow team for many years. So will he make a surprise appearance for the occasion? Here is his response.

Little reminder: on September 5, 2022, chef Michel Sarran took to his social networks to share the news of his departure : “I have an announcement to make to you, and it concerns Top Chef… I will no longer be part of the jury next season, M6 having decided to change the jury, that’s it”, he confided in a video. A decision that was difficult for the chef to accept: “When I found out, it made my heart sink. It was a bit violent. I was not excpecting that at all. Why me ? What motivated their decision?” After 7 seasons, the chef returned his yellow apron.

But is his adventure in Top Chef definitely over?

The cooking competition will celebrate its 15th anniversary next year. For the occasion, the jury is expanding. We recently announced that two chefs were going to join the program. But who says birthday says maybe a guest. We wonder if certain headliners will not be back, notably Michel Sarran who remains a notable figure in the show. Asked about the subject by Tele-Leisurethe chef responded about his potential return and the least we can is that his answer leaves little room for doubt: “The past builds me but does not interest me. It is part of my character”. He continues and explains: “Once it’s over, it’s over. What makes me love it is the future, the projects and the surprises”he indicated.

So not sure that the chef will return to Top Chef. However, his television career is far from over. After a brief stint in a TF1 series, the chef soon returns to the screens in the show La Meilleure Boulangerie de France alongside Bruno Cormerais and Noémie Honiat.


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