“O Putin’s failure does not automatically translate into a victory for Ukraine. As the war drags on, we have to prove what it means to support Ukraine for as long as necessary”, he said in his speech to the European Parliament, in preparation for the next European Council of

Von der Leyen recalled how exactly two years ago, in a plenary session in Strasbourg, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was discussed for the first time, but that “despite the pain” one should also remember “the light that shone in those dark days” or the “joy of those who were freed from Russian occupation” and the continent-wide solidarity that was demonstrated.

For the president, Ukrainian resistance was a reality particularly because the European population “opened their hearts and their homes”, adding the financial support of the Member States and Parliament.

“We empowered the Ukrainian resistance and left hope alive”, assured the leader, recalling that, contrary to expectations, Kiev did not give in to the invasion in the following days and won, fought and made progress in the war on land, water and air.

This resistance has also had consequences off the battlefield, with Finland becoming a member of Nato, while Sweden is about to do so and Ukraine is on its way to the European Union.

“The Kremlin has withdrawn itself from Western economies and innovation systems, becoming dependent on China. Putin is not only failing to achieve strategic goals, he is imposing a dramatic cost on his own country,” said the president , referring to Europe’s decisive role in supporting Ukraine.

“Ukraine is not just fighting against the invader, but for Europe. Joining our family will be its ultimate victory. And in this we have a decisive role to play”, he argued, recalling the steps that are being taken in this sense.

Úrsula Von der Leyen also referred to migration and what was done to reinforce the ambition against trafficking and competitiveness, referring to the necessary support to boost ‘clean’ technological industries.

Finally, he referred to the need for technical adjustments to the budget, in a context of pressure from inflation and high interest rates, consequences of the war and the pandemic.

The leader said she saw consensus around the priorities, but the question is how to finance them, since public finances are also under pressure and difficult questions arise, noting that the EU must be able to finance its priorities with its own resources.

“This has been a long-standing call from this Parliament. A call I fully support. Thanks to Parliament, in 2020 we agreed a roadmap to create new revenue for the Union budget. We need this to happen. The next long-term budget deadline is approaching. And Europe must have the financial power to fulfill the historic tasks of this decade and the next”, he said.

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