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Garnishing choux buns, enhancing a dessert, making a strawberry charlotte, there is nothing better than a good homemade whipped cream. Yes, but there you go, you still have to succeed in putting it together! Here is the recipe that will allow you to succeed every time. A preparation that has saved many desserts given the excellent rating of 4.8/5 given to it by our readers. It’s your turn to try it!

Preparation time: 5 mins

  1. Start by lightly flattening the vanilla pod with the flat side of a knife blade, then split it in half lengthwise. Scrape the inside with the tip of the knife to collect the grains.
  2. Put them in a mixer with the very cold cream, the mascarpone and the icing sugar. Mix everything before filtering the preparation using a strainer or a very fine sieve.
  3. Pour everything into the siphon, screw in a gas cartridge then place it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Caution: the head must be pointed downwards.
  4. Once the time has elapsed, all you have to do is shake the siphon before garnishing your glasses, cakes or pancakes with this delicious homemade whipped cream.

If mascarpone is used to give hold to the whipped cream, it is no coincidence. Generally made from buffalo milk, this typically Italian cheese has the particularity of having a high fat content. It is precisely this interesting characteristic which will allow the whipped cream to gain firmness. So, thanks to the addition of this unexpected ingredient, you will never again find yourself with too liquid whipped cream.

Once you have made the perfect whipped cream, you still need to know how to store it properly. As it is prepared from fresh food, it must be kept in the refrigerator and must not be left on to be enjoyed. Also make sure to cover it on contact, with plastic wrap, so that it keeps better and does not take on the taste of other foods in the fridge. Last recommendation: consume it within 24 hours! With foodies, we have no problem with that…


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