An unusual request surprised clients and owners of a butcher shop in the city of La Plata, Argentina: A woman asked how much they would charge her to “slaughter” her dog.. Everyone’s reaction was negative and they immediately called the authorities to file a complaint. The officers arrived at the house and the woman gave an explanation why she wanted to end the animal’s life.

According to the media Todo Noticias, journalist Fernando Tocho said in his X account that the woman He approached the butcher shop and asked the gentlemen if they could skin his golden retriever dog.of advanced age.

The people were shocked by the lady’s request and called the police to report what happened. The officers arrived at the house located between 5th and 80th streets in La Plata and, upon hearing the arguments why he wanted to sacrifice the animal, They took him to protect his life, to which she responded: “He is old enough.”.

Ezequiel Kelo was the rescuer in charge of saving the animal. He informed the woman that he had a complaint, to which she replied: “Why? And what’s happening? I don’t understand what the problem is.”.

The municipal representative of La Plata also arrived at the scene, a situation that took the woman by surprise, who gave some strange explanations about wanting to sacrifice her pet. “I explain to him: my dad and my grandfather are from the countryside, they always worked in the racetrack neighborhood with horses. When the horse reaches a certain time, he is sent to slaughter.the lady explained.

The term “fanear” was not very clear to the agents, who asked her what it meant to her, to which she regretted that there was not someone from the field to understand. “I saw that she was already of age. He is a good dog, he poops well, he has good teeth. To slaughter it, first you peel it, remove all the fur, then you leather it, you use that same leather for upholstery and then you take out the teeth that are used for dentistry.. That is done with animals,” were his words.

After the lady explained her point, the rescuer said: “I don’t know if they are understanding, or I’m crazy. “He wants to skin him, he wants to kill him.”. Everything was filmed by another agent.

After hearing the cruel story, The agents decided to go after the dog that was a victim of animal abuse. “Don’t do that to me, I told you that she was of age, nothing more,” the woman maintained.

The woman couldn’t hold back her anger and started insulting the officers, tried to get Toby (the dog) into the house and In his act of anger, he hit the animal on the tail. The tension among those present was rising. “Look at the state it is in, Does the dog seem bad to you? You don’t know anything about animals”the woman shouted to the protector.

After concluding the discussion, Toby was separated from the woman and is in specialist care. The accused was arrested and taken to the eighth police station of the Argentine city.


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