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Tiramisu is a flagship dessert in many restaurants that is often unanimously popular. If coffee tiramisu remains an essential classic, there are plenty of ways to revisit it. To get started on making this pastry at home, we offer you the video this recipe for “tiramisù al limone” (lemon tiramisu) from the Amalfi Coast in Italy. You will have an airy and easy-to-prepare dessert, but without the acidity of lemon which may displease some. Shall we get started?

We recommend that you prepare your tiramisu the day before. After spending a night in the refrigerator, it will have a better texture and taste because it will have had time to stabilize. In addition to saving time if you are entertaining guests for example, it is also a tip for having an even tastier dessert. If the lemon cream has thickened too much while cooling, it is entirely possible to loosen it with a quick blast of the hand blender.


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