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On March 18, the restaurant Le Gabriel in Paris obtained three stars in the Michelin Guide. And the chef at its head who has greatly contributed to this success is none other than Jérôme Banctel. On this occasion, the latter spoke in the columns of Parisian. In particular, about the dishes he concocts on a daily basis when he is not behind the establishment’s kitchen..

Jérôme Banctel is recognized for his culinary talents, highlighting different, less obvious culinary techniques. While the latter revisits classics of French and foreign gastronomy with a daring approach, his taste in cooking takes a different turn once he returns home.“You know, when you professionally practice careful, thoughtful cooking, for example by testing the fermentation of dozens of varieties of peppers to accompany a lobster with sweet potatoes, I assure you that on the weekend, you want simple things”, explains the chef. Before adding: “For me, it will always be meat: veal, poultry, beef… And if it’s my friends who are cooking, a plate of bolo pasta will suit me perfectly”.

If the chef of the palace restaurant La Réserve Paris is not the type to love crème fraîche despite his Breton origins, the latter still appreciates seafood. As Jérôme Banctel indicates: “I love live bouquets, or monkfish cheeks. But that’s how it is. On Saturday morning, I take my little cart and go to the market in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne), where I live. I systematically pass in front of the fish stall”. However, the latter does not stop. “I am a Breton from the inside”he reacts.


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