O A young man who carried out an attack with a weapon at a school in Sapopemba, São Paulo, in October 2023, encouraged by a young Portuguese man, was arrested on April 18.

The arrest took place around 15 days before the young Portuguese man, from the north of the country, was detained by the Judiciary Police (PJ).

This Thursday, remember, a 17-year-old young man was arrested and accused of being involved in mass massacres that took place in Brazil. A PJ investigation would conclude that the young man, through an account on the Discord platform, encouraged other young people to engage in extremist behavior, such as self-mutilation and mutilation of animals.

Following his sharing on this platform, he then convinced a 16-year-old boy to attack a school in Brazil in October last year. A 17-year-old girl died as a result of that incident and three other people were injured.

This young man, the Portuguese’s accomplice, was only arrested on April 18, several months after the attack.

The Brazilian press reported, at the time, that the arrest took place at 6:00 in the morning after authorities confirmed the teenager’s participation in the attack on the school, carried out remotely through digital platforms, such as Discord and Telegram. Messages about the attack plan were exchanged on these channels, wrote Correio de Carajas.

Based on this information, the Judiciary Police will have managed to reach the Portuguese suspect.

The ‘modus operandi’ was discovered during an “urgent” investigation carried out by the Judiciary Police with the collaboration of the Brazilian Federal Police.

According to the PJ, the suspect “created and manages a group on the Discord platform, already duly identified, where different people apologists for the same ideals and who intended to commit acts similar to those idealized and propagated by him were grouped together.”

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2552982/jovem-que-realizou-ataque-comandado-por-portugues-foi-detido-em-abril

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