In Argentina, a woman arrived at a hospital with her son, that he had no vital signs. The woman, in a state of panic, asked the doctors for help and revealed that she had “stuck too much” the youngest, just 4 years old.

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According to the media TN, the medical report of the San Vicente de Obera hospital revealed that the minor arrived at the hospital without vital signs, in his mother’s arms and that he would have died due to the severity of the injuries he had on his body.

The first reports from the authorities indicate that the body of the minor He had several injuries.

The concern of the minor’s mother alerted the medical staff, who tried to help the child, but all efforts were in vain.

The Misiones Police are investigating the causes of the minor’s death. The main hypothesis is based on the mother’s first statements in the hospital, who claimed that he had “hit him too much.”

The doctors found several bruises on the deceased’s body, so it is presumed that It was a violent death.

The child’s mother was detained while authorities await the results of laboratory samples ordered by a magistrate to determine whether the woman He was under the influence of some toxic substance.

The child’s body was sent to the judicial morgue of Posadas for an autopsy to be performed. It is expected that this result clarifies the causes of the minor’s death.

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