In the province of Mendoza, Argentina, authorities detained a young woman who was recorded while brutally beating her daughter, a girl of just 4 years old, with a belt. The detainee, apparently, He has a history of homicide.

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The young woman was identified as Brenda Nicol Ávila Barrera. According to the media outlet Los Andes, the authorities transferred her to Police Station 39, where she will be charged with the charge of aggravated minor injuries and the use of an improper weapon.

In the video, which we refrain from showing due to its extremely graphic content, Ávila is heard furiously saying “the other time I did the same thing to you. “I’m going to break your face, I’m going to leave your mouth purple.”

The witness sent the video that will be evidence in the judicial process against the woman. Precisely, the prosecutor in charge of the case ordered her arrest. On the other hand, The minor was subjected to physical and psychological tests to find out her conditions.

The authorities found in the woman’s background a link to another case: apparently, Ávila was involved in the death of Laura Natalia Giordano, the mother of her ex-partner and who died after receiving a blow to the back of the head.

In this case, the young woman is charged with pre-intentional homicide, since they managed to determine that He would have accidentally killed his mother-in-law on December 7, 2022.

At the time, Brenda Nicol Ávila was detained, but was later released for not having judicial record.

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