Zelensky disclosed today, in his usual evening speech addressed to the nation, that he held “a long meeting” with diplomats, government officials and representatives of the Ukrainian Parliament, about Ukraine’s preparations for the political decision of the European Council to begin negotiations on the accession of Ukraine to the EU.

“We are working to obtain an unconditional decision to open negotiations. For Ukraine, it is a matter of principle to implement all of the European Commission’s recommendations, all seven recommendations, and to fulfill everything that is required at this point in our path to European Union”, stressed the Ukrainian head of state.

The European Commission last week recommended to the Council that it open formal negotiations for Ukraine’s EU membership, given the efforts made by Kyiv to meet requirements, but imposed conditions such as combating corruption.

Specifically, the community executive recommends that the Council adopt the negotiating framework when Ukraine has enacted a law proposed by the Government that increases the maximum number of employees of the National Anti-Corruption Office of Ukraine and allows it to verify assets.

It also requires the promulgation of a law regulating lobbying activities and legislation relating to national minorities, the official language, the media and education.

Brussels further notes that, “despite the war and its impact on all levels of Ukrainian society and the martial law in force, the Ukrainian government and parliament have shown determination to carry out the necessary reforms required by the EU accession process.” .

In mid-2022, EU Member States adopted a historic decision to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, which joined a wider group of countries, some of which have long been on the ‘queue’ to enter the EU. European bloc, without any progress in recent years.

This list now consists of Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Volodymyr Zelensky also said that he held several meetings today about the next “international steps planned for the coming weeks”.

Among the topics discussed were “negotiations with the leaders of partner countries, new support packages for our warriors and Ukraine’s international communication.”

“We can and must guarantee an absolutely clear result: regardless of the world’s information agenda, our partners must understand us and listen to the Ukrainians. And they will”, stressed the Ukrainian government official.

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