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We know it and we can never repeat it enough: alcohol should be consumed in moderation. And for good reason: although this festive drink is appreciated on certain occasions, alcohol sometimes carries health risks. Concerning the skin, it is not an ally, quite the contrary: “More than 2 drinks per day, alcohol can tire your body, dehydrate it, and contribute to premature aging.” The specialist goes even further and specifies that in certain cases: “This leads to the appearance of potentially serious pathologies”. We therefore remain cautious about our consumption.

Eating too much fat is also not recommended for your health. Indeed, if these fats impact blood vessels or increase cardiovascular risk, they are also responsible for premature aging of the skin. So, to avoid it, Michel Cymes lists the foods that contain it: “We must limit butter if possible, too many cheeses that are too rich, processed products also rich in saturated fats such as cakes, pastries, chips, etc..”.

If salt is a flavor enhancer and is appreciated in cooked dishes, it is essential to respect the recommended dose for health. Indeed, it is important to limit your consumption to 2g per day. For what ? Because according to the doctor: “Salt will promote water retention, it will cause fatigue, it will contribute to skin aging, hypertension, heavy legs, etc..”.

As surprising as it may seem, spicy dishes or foods are not good for the skin. In fact, they are often the cause of skin problems such as “rosacea, for example, by making the skin a little red, blotchy, less youthful, by dilating the blood vessels” says the doctor. They should therefore be consumed in moderation.

Sugar is also not recommended for beautiful skin. You should consume it in small quantities, especially white sugar. Indeed, Michel Cymes underlines that: “Consuming too much can particularly affect the collagen and elastin in the skin. But this will cause a loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles”.

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