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The start of the year is often a little complicated to manage. The month of January has been endless, the days are shorter, the rain is there and morale often remains unstable. Result ? We are much more stressed. If playing sports or listening to music proves to be good activities, diet remains a determining factor.

If we told you that pasta was one of the most comforting dishes, know that a gastroenterologist has revealed the food that you should eat regularly to regulate your stress. Here’s what this “miracle” ingredient is.

To regulate stress, it is possible to use natural methods. For this, food is a major ally since certain products are known for their beneficial effects on mood.

This is the case, for example, of the Brazil nut as explained on Instagram gastroenterologist William Berrebi. His secret? “An extremely important intake of magnesium”. This is, in fact, why the Brazil nut is one of the foods to consume to combat stress, because it has a good supply of magnesium, and it plays a role in regulating stress.” effect, “it is the product which contains the most magnesium. It contains 400 mg of magnesium per 100 g”.

Magnesium helps reduce the secretion of norepinephrine and cortisol, two compounds having actions directly linked to irritability or even anxiety.

To benefit from the virtues of the Brazil nut, the expert recommends consuming 3 to 4 nuts per day for a treatment of approximately 6 days. Otherwise for daily consumption, only 1 to 2 Brazil nuts are enough.

And to vary the pleasures, know that other oilseeds are also beneficial for reducing stress such as pecan, macadamia or cashew nuts. They still remain less effective.


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