O The Israeli army announced today the rescue in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, of two Israelis taken hostage during the Hamas attack on Israeli soil in October. The two hostages, identified as Fernando Simon Marman, 60, and his brother-in-law, Louis Har, 70, born in Argentina, are in good health and have been transferred to health centers for medical examinations, the Defense Forces of Argentina said. Israel.

According to a database compiled by the France-Presse news agency (AFP), Hamas took 253 hostages in the unprecedented attack on Israeli territory and the majority of those still held in the Palestinian enclave are men, but there are still captive soldiers and women.

Here is the status of the hostages, more than four months after the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas:

How many hostages remain in the Gaza Strip?

According to the latest data from Israeli authorities, 130 remain in the hands of the Palestinian Islamist movement and its allies.

To this day, 101 hostages presumed to be alive and 29 bodies remain trapped in Gaza, including 18 of those killed in the October 7 attack, whose bodies were taken to Palestinian territory.

Of the 101 hostages presumably alive, 91 are Israelis or people with dual Israeli nationality and 10 are foreigners (eight Thais, one Nepalese and one French-Mexican).

However, it is not certain that everyone is still alive. The New York Times, citing four Israeli officials, reported last week that the country’s intelligence services were trying to verify unconfirmed information about the deaths of 20 more hostages.

Hamas announced on several occasions the death of hostages, not confirmed by Israel, including the youngest, baby Kfir, who would have turned 1 year old on January 18, his mother Shiri Bibas (32 years old) and his older brother, Ariel (4 years old).

Apart from Kfir and Ariel, there are no other minor hostages left. November’s Israel-Hamas agreement provided for their release as a priority.

How many hostages have been released to date?

112 hostages were released: 105 during a week-long truce at the end of November, five previously and two today.

In detail, 33 minors, 49 adult women and 30 adult men, mostly Thai agricultural workers, were released.

How many bodies were repatriated?

Israel managed to repatriate 11 bodies, while 29 bodies remain to be returned. Of these, there are five soldiers and a police officer who died on October 7th.

How many soldiers are among the hostages?

The AFP has 14 soldiers, including five women.

Five women, aged between 18 and 19, are soldiers and therefore were not covered by the hostage release agreement. There are also nine male soldiers, aged between 18 and 22. The majority were doing military service and were not career soldiers.

How many men are in captivity?

They are the largest group among the hostages: including the soldiers (nine), there are a total of 85 adult men, presumably alive.

They include many parents whose children and wives were freed during the truce.

How many women and elderly people remain in detention?

Including Shiri Bibas, whose fate is uncertain, 14 women aged between 18 and 39, who are presumed to be alive, remain detained in Gaza.

There are also five septuagenarians and four octogenarians among the hostages.

Where were most of those still hostage when they were kidnapped?

Among the hostages still detained, at least 32 were kidnapped at a music festival, which was attended by more than 3,000 people. There are also four bodies of people who were at the event. Only five kidnapped people were released.

Ten ‘kibbutz’ (a type of Israeli community village) still have hostages trapped in Gaza. The main one is Nir Oz, who still has 27 hostages (38 were released) and nine bodies to be returned. The one in Be’eri still has at least five hostages and six bodies, while Kfar Aza has five hostages.

Are there still missing people?

In addition to the hostages, an Israeli remains missing, according to authorities. This is a hostage or a dead person whose body has not been identified.

Are there more hostages than those from the October 7th attack?

These 130 hostages are joined by four Israelis kidnapped earlier: Avera Mengistu and Hisham Al-Sayed, two presumed living civilians who voluntarily entered the Palestinian enclave in 2014 and 2015, and the mortal remains of Oron Shaoul and Hadar Goldin, soldiers killed during the 2014 war in Gaza.

How did the AFP compile this data?

Israeli authorities have not revealed the names of the hostages still held captive, but AFP was able to identify them, mainly thanks to its network of journalists, who are in regular contact with the hostages’ families, and the Israeli press.

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