The Chilean authorities are trying to clarify the mystery hidden by an 80-year-old woman who, dressed as a nun, abandoned a suitcase with a corpse on the street. which, apparently, he kept in his home for more than a year.

The woman inside the suitcase was identified as Érika Fernández Mora, 58 years old. According to information from the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI), The woman died in April 2023, from an alleged cancer that was not treated.

Due to an unbreakable agreement between them, the authorities were not notified of the death. But something happened and that pact was broken.

Lorenza Ramírez Barrera is the person who carried the woman’s body down the street. For about a year he would have had the body hidden in a cellar of his house, on the street known as Los Jardines de Ñuñoa, in Chile.

For now, the investigation says that Lorenza never buried him and that she only hid the remains. According to what she declares to the Prosecutor’s Office, her daughter’s visit a week ago motivated her to dispose of the body.

The woman left the suitcase with her friend’s remains abandoned on the street until the body was found. There they thought of something related to organized crime, but no, The story was very different and involved supposed nuns who never raised any suspicion among the neighbors.

For their part, neither Lorenza Ramírez nor her daughter wanted to speak to the press. None of them wanted to give their version of the events to the media, they only spoke with the PDI and the Prosecutor’s Office. Both were released despite hiding the body for so long.

For now, analysis of the body by the Legal Medical Service is awaited, to confirm the disease and rule out any other intervention. In addition, they could request psychiatric expert opinions.

The house where Érika Fernández lived in Ñuñoa is abandoned today, according to neighbors. According to the investigation, she had lost her parents and then when she died in 2023, Lorenza Ramírez took her to the house where she kept her hidden.

The women said they were consecrated laywomen. However, the Archbishopric of Santiago, through a statement denied that 80-year-old Lorenza Ramírez and the deceased woman, Érika Fernández, were religious of the Catholic Church, They only confirmed that condition of the older adult’s daughter, who even traveled from Italy to be with her mother.

There is still much to know about this macabre case, for example, If anyone received any remuneration or benefit from the deceased during all these months.


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