A Boeing has highlighted a new problem with the fuselages of its 737 aircraft, which could delay the delivery of around 50 planes, in the latest quality failure to afflict the manufacturer.

The executive director of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Stan Deal, said in a letter addressed to Boeing staff, seen this Monday, cited by the Associated Press, that a worker from his supplier discovered poorly made holes in the fuselages.

Spirit AeroSystems, based in Wichita, Kansas, United States, manufactures a large part of the fuselages for Boeing Max aircraft.

“While this potential condition does not constitute an immediate safety issue and all 737s can continue to operate safely, we believe we will have to perform new work on approximately 50 undelivered aircraft,” Deal said in the letter to employees.

The problem was discovered by an employee of the airframe supplier who notified his director that two holes may not have been drilled according to specifications, Deal highlighted.

Both Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems are facing intense scrutiny over the quality of their work after an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 was forced to make an emergency landing on January 5 when a panel called ‘door plug’ exploded on the side of the plane, shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon, in the United States.

The NTSB is investigating the accident, while the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating whether Boeing and its suppliers followed quality control procedures.

Alaska Airlines and United Airlines, the only other U.S. airline that flies the Max 9, reported finding loose hardware in the door plugs of other planes they inspected after the crash.

The FAA grounded all Max 9s in the United States the day after the incident. In turn, two weeks later, the agency approved the inspection and maintenance process for the planes to fly again.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2495525/boeing-deteta-novo-problema-com-fuselagens-das-aeronaves-737

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