UA Mi-8 helicopter, belonging to the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, crashed into a lake in the northern region of the country, in Karelia, killing all three crew on board, authorities revealed this Monday.

“The plane was on a training flight and was piloted by an experienced crew with thousands of hours of flight time,” revealed the ministry, on the Telegram platform, cited by Reuters.

The wreckage of the helicopter, which disappeared from radar on Sunday night, was found 11 kilometers from the shore of Lake Onega, the second largest lake in Europe, at a depth of 50 meters.

The ministry also said that a group of divers and a remotely controlled underwater vehicle were mobilized.

Tass also cited regional governor Artur Parfenchikov, who revealed that the crew members died.

The Karelia region is divided into two parts: the Finnish Karelia region and the Russian Republic of Karelia, in the northwestern part of Russia, between the White and Baltic Seas, where the helicopter crashed.

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