One of the four police officers who lost their lives during an operation in Charlotte, United States, was Samuel Poloche, of Colombian origin. His father narrated the tragic episode that caused outrage and rejection among the community and his family.

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Samuel Poloche was 42 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. This man had been serving with the Police in North Carolina for 14 years.

Last Monday, April 29, 2024, in the line of duty he participated in an operation to execute an arrest warrant against a criminal. During the actions a bullet hit him. Although he was taken to a medical center, he died.

“They carried all their weapons for their safety, but a bullet entered through a bad path and reached the heart. He was covering the other officers who were being treated when the bullet hit him,” said Samuel Poloche, father of the murdered police officer.

Sam, as they affectionately called him, He lost his life along with three other agents who accompanied him in the operation.

His father, born in Bogotá, remembered his son’s last words: “When we found out about his loss, the last thing he did was ask about his team, how they were. The last thing he said to him was tell my family that everything is going to be okay. “There he went.”

To both the family and the community in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sam will always be a hero who gave his life to protect others.

“They say he is a hero, for me he always was. A good father, good son, good brother and husband. He was an example for all of us”, the Colombian’s father said.

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