An unfortunate traffic accident occurred outside a bowling alley in the city of Salta, Argentina. A drunk driver hit ten people and, unfortunately, three of them lost their lives. The other seven had to be rushed to healthcare centers.

According to Todo Noticias, the incident occurred on Sunday, March 17, around 5:20 am, in the middle of heavy rain. The driver of the vehicle and his companion were arrested after trying to flee the sceneaccording to witnesses.

The dramatic event occurred on Paraguay Avenue. The vehicle lost control and ended up hitting the group of friends who were walking on the platform.. At that moment the driver tried to change lanes, but was unable to stabilize the car and ended up crashing into a tree, local residents say.

“It was tremendous, a horror. Several girls were left lying on the ground, along with a man who flew towards the bridge and ended up under a truck.“, were the words of a witness to the newspaper Qué Pasa Salta, cited by TN.

The two occupants of the car got out and tried to flee, witnesses stressed. Some passersby detained them while waiting for the authorities, who took the two men into custody.

In the first police reports it was learned that the driver of the car is a 21-year-old young man who was under the influence of alcohol. The test showed 1.02 grams of liquor in his blood. Witnesses stated that the subject was coming at high speed.

It was learned that a man and a woman died instantly. The third victim, who was left alive at the time of impact, was taken to a hospital where he entered the surgery room in serious condition. Unfortunately, he did not manage to survive.

Their bodies were placed at the disposal of the CIF Forensic Thanatology Service.. The other seven victims have serious injuries; Two women are in intensive care.

The person in charge of the investigation is the prosecutor Gabriel González. The Police requested the videos from the sector’s security cameras and are waiting for the recovery of those affected to take their statements.


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