Gantz, leader of the National Unity party – who joined Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government after the Hamas attacks on October 7 – assured that he is committed to the return of the Israeli hostages in Gaza, in the possession of the Islamist movement Palestinian Hamas.

“We are committed to continuing to promote an agreement to recover the hostages, as formulated by the negotiating team and unanimously approved by the War Cabinet, as part of the overall objective of achieving all war goals,” Gantz said in a statement.

Later, the far right threatened to abandon Netanyahu’s government if it went ahead with the agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza, including the release of hostages.

In a message on the social network -fair.

US President Joe Biden revealed an Israeli proposal to the Palestinian group Hamas, which he presented as a roadmap that could end the war in the Gaza Strip and free the hostages remaining in the enclave.

Biden explained that the first phase of the agreement would last six weeks and would include a “total and complete ceasefire”, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages held by Hamas, including the Americans , women, the elderly and the injured, in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

Humanitarian assistance would be increased, with 600 trucks allowed to enter the Palestinian enclave every day.

The second phase would include the release of all remaining living hostages and Israeli forces would abandon their positions throughout the Gaza Strip.

Finally, the third phase requires the beginning of a major reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, which is facing decades of work due to the devastation caused by the war.

Intense airstrikes and artillery fire hit the city of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, today, a day after the announcement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned today that the conditions for a permanent ceasefire have not changed and include the destruction of the Islamist movement Hamas, which has been in power in Gaza since 2007.

Also today, the platform that represents the families of Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip demanded that the authorities approve the truce plan announced by the US President.

The group, which demonstrates weekly on Saturday nights to demand an agreement that allows the release of those kidnapped, indicated in a statement that “it will maintain contact in the coming hours with all members of the Cabinet [de Guerra]the Government and the Knesset (Parliament), and will demand immediate approval of the plan”.

The leader of the Israeli opposition, Yair Lapid, also asked Netanyahu today to implement the new truce proposal with Hamas and expressed his support if the right-wing radicals abandon the executive.

“There is an agreement on the table and it must be closed,” said Lapid on his account on the X social network.

In the same message, the opposition leader and former prime minister assures Netanyahu that his party, Yesh Atid, will give its support if the two main elements of the government’s ultranationalist sector, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, resign.

“I remind the prime minister that he will find a safety net in us if this happens,” Lapid added.

Hamas said, for its part, that it views the proposal positively and is willing to deal “constructively” with any plan that includes as requirements “a definitive ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, the reconstruction of Gaza and the exchange of prisoners”.

The Israeli army launched an offensive on Rafah on May 7 to destroy the last Hamas battalions.

The war between Israel and Hamas was triggered by an attack by the Islamist group on Israeli soil, on October 7, 2023, which caused around 1,200 deaths and two hundred hostages, according to Israel.

The Israeli offensive that followed in the Gaza Strip caused more than 36,300 deaths, according to health authorities from the Hamas government, which has controlled the Palestinian enclave since 2007.

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