A information was provided by the Government of the Canary Islands through its page on the social network X (formerly Twitter), where it reads that “provisional estimates indicate that more than 26,000 people” were evacuated.

Since the start of the fire, the authorities have already evacuated several regions located in 11 municipalities in the south and north of Tenerife, reports the Efe news agency.

The Government added that people who need accommodation are being referred to various shelters.

The fire, which has been raging since Tuesday, has already consumed an area of ​​forest equivalent to more than 5,000 football fields (more than 5,000 hectares) and forced the evacuation of several villages.

Civil Protection said that localities will continue to be evacuated today, as a precaution, and advised the adoption of self-protection measures.

For today and Sunday, a new reinforcement of air assets and ground combat teams is planned.

The aerial device continues to discharge water, having carried out more than 1,700 since the start of the fire.

According to the Spanish authorities, the fire is far from being extinguished and the intense heat, strong wind and adverse terrain conditions have made it difficult to fight the flames, which have advanced to the northern region of the island.

The president of the government of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands stressed that, despite being an “absolutely exceptional and hungry” fire, no house was destroyed and no person suffered damage due to the work of the operators.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2383552/incendio-em-tenerife-obrigou-a-retirada-de-mais-de-26-mil-pessoas

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