O Federal Attorney General Jens Rommel is directing his investigation against unknown parties, although it is based on the fact that it was the Russian secret services that recorded the meeting, the weekly magazine Der Spiegel reported today.

There is a “suspicion of secret service activity”, maintains the Prosecutor’s Office.

In early March, Russian propaganda channels released a 38-minute recording of a confidential meeting between senior military officials from the German Air Force on the Internet.

At the meeting, Air Force Chief of Staff Ingo Gerhartz discussed the possibility of supplying Taurus missiles to Ukraine with another general and two experts.

They analyzed whether the German Air Force could technically support the supply of this high-tech system and, if so, in what form.

They also spoke of the possible destruction of the Kerch bridge, which connects the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, annexed by Moscow in 2014, to mainland Russia.

The German Armed Forces believe that the conversation was intercepted by the Russian secret services due to a technical error by one of the participants.

On February 19, Brigadier General Frank Gräfe logged into the virtual meeting via an unencrypted line with his work phone from a hotel in Singapore.

Given that an international military conference was taking place in Singapore at the time, investigators from the German Military Counterintelligence Service suspect that the Russian secret services were deliberately trying to intercept the communications of high military commands from around the world present there.

One of the hypotheses put forward by Berlin is that a device was installed near his hotel to intercept his communications and those of other generals.

According to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, there was also a second participant in the meeting who called in via an unsecured line.

The involvement of the Federal Attorney General’s Office means that Germany could ask Singapore for help in investigating the wiretaps.



Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2525070/procuradoria-geral-alema-investiga-escutas-russas-sobre-misseis-taurus

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