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Julie Andrieu never fails to share with us these recipes, each one as delicious as the next. This time, she takes the opportunity to present her unique version of an emblematic South-West dish: cassoulet! We give you all the tips to achieve it perfectly.

Do you know the origin of cassoulet? Emblematic dish of the South-West of France,The cassoulet is at the center of an indefinite debate. And for good reason, there are several variations of the recipe: cassoulet from Castelnaudary, Toulouse and Carcassonne. If the Castelnaudary cassoulet contains goose or duck confit, Toulouse cassoulet is prepared exclusively with pork. Finally, Carcassonne cassoulet stands out for its presence of tomatoes. The host and cooking author Julie Andrieu, not wanting to offend anyone, creates a unique combination. We bring you this recipe that is simple to make, delicious to taste!


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