This March 7, 2024, five months of war in Gaza. 30,800 Palestinians have been killed and more than 72,000 wounded, according to Hamas figures.

The Israeli Prime Minister warned that They will continue the offensive against Hamas, even in Rafah, where two million displaced people are crowded together.

The war that began on October 7, 2023 with the attack by the Hamas group leaves more than 30,000 dead, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health. Also, almost 1,200 lives were snuffed in Israel that day.

Five months after the war, in which the possibility of a truce is receding, the Israeli prime minister announced more offensives. “The Israeli military will continue to operate against Hamas throughout the Gaza Strip, including in Rafah, Hamas’s last stronghold. Whoever tells us not to act in Rafah is telling us to lose the war and that will not happen“said Benjamin Netanyahu.

The war also leaves 1,800 Israelis dead, mostly in the Hamas attack on October 7.

The other side of the pain of this war is the Israeli families whose loved ones They still remain in the dark tunnels of the Hamas militias. It’s been 150 days now.

The date makes you aware, once again, that time is passing like water through your hands. How long they have gone without seeing them. They have had to be strong, but the five-month mark breaks them.

Like the mother of Almog Meir, 21 years old. “How much I miss him, I miss the coffee we used to have together, I miss our discussions, our daily conversations. “Our life has stopped”indicated the woman.

This time they are in London, with their photographs, their memories of the good times, their stories of horror and a demand: get them out of hell.

“All we do from morning to night, seven days a week, is work to bring them back,” Meirav Leshem said.

This woman seeks to bring back her daughter, Romi Gonen, 23, and her return home became an obsession and the reason for her to stay alive.

“My responsibility is to my children. I have four other children. They have to see and know that I am fighting for her, exactly as I would for any of my other children,” added Meirav Leshem.

They go out to march, to protest in front of parliament, they go to forums, to meetings, they give interviews. Their day to day life is to do what they can to keep the urgency of returning alive.

According to the Israeli authorities, of the 253 hostages there are still 134 deprived of their liberty. For them and their families, the nightmare of that disastrous October 7 has not yet ended.


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