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Who says salad, says vinaigrette! This is the almost obligatory accompaniment of the latter which brings a perfect touch of acidity. There are multiple variations to satisfy all palates. And the possibilities and combinations go as far as infinity: a simple vinaigrette based on olive oil and balsamic vinegar, through to slightly more sophisticated vinaigrettes, based on grapeseed oil, it There is something for every taste. However, achieving the right proportions is not always so easy. You can end up with a sauce that is too fatty or too vinegary. Laurent Mariotte, cook and radio columnist at “La table des bons vivants” gives us his tips for getting the proportions right. We’ll give you all the details.

According to Laurent Mariotte, the vinaigrette must contain ¼ acid and ¾ fat. Follow each step of the recipe, adding the correct proportions of ingredients.

Several oils can be used depending on the type of salad. For arugula, it will be wiser to use neutral oils such as grapeseed oil or rapeseed oil. On the contrary, if you use salads that are more neutral in taste such as lettuce, hazelnut oils or olive oil will be more appropriate.

Finally, Laurent Mariotte has one last tip to give flavor to the vinaigrette: you can replace the oil with roast chicken juice for more flavors!


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