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It’s sometimes difficult to find inspiration in the kitchen. Generally, we look for ease. The problem: many turn to processed or not really balanced products. However, there are many recipes that are both healthy and delicious.

A nutritionist recently proved this by sharing her plate on Instagram throughout the day. We can thus observe with great envy, his breakfast, his lunch, his snack and his dinner. Because yes, contrary to what one might think, it is important not to deprive yourself. Eating when you are hungry is essential.

The specialist even offers gourmet recipes. For quantities, nutritionist @nutrituvi explains that this “varies depending on each person”. She emphasizes that for her the aim of this video is to “give meal ideas”.

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So, for breakfast, she recommends it as hearty and delicious with banana pancakes with maple syrup accompanied by a good coffee with milk.

Then, for lunch, the nutritionist opts for a light recipe: a soup. To make the meal more substantial, she accompanies this soup with rillette/avocado toast and some raw vegetables. Result ? We thus have a complete plate with several different ingredients.

No question of missing the snack. For 4:30 p.m., nothing better than a fromage blanc cake with a latte.

Finally, for dinner, it will be lentils, rice, carrots and parmesan. It’s hard not to end on a sweet note. For this, we treat ourselves to a real pleasure: chocolate. Here, the nutritionist turns to 3 small chocolate eggs and yes Easter is approaching soon, it’s time to enjoy it.


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