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Chicken is one of the quintessential family meals. Whether it is cooked whole on Sunday or already cut, the flesh of this poultry can sometimes be a little dry in the mouth. This problem is particularly common when you want to cook chicken in the oven…

Fortunately, to avoid this inconvenience, there is a very simple cooking technique which allows you to obtain tender and moist flesh. Here’s what you need to know to say goodbye to dry chicken!

Contrary to popular belief, cooking your chicken in an open dish is not the most effective technique for even cooking in the oven and very soft flesh! In fact, to prevent the chicken from drying out during cooking, it is recommended to cook it in a closed casserole dish.

This cooking method allows poultry to be cooked in a closed environment and thanks to the effects of steam, the flesh retains all its softness. Cooked in its own juices, the chicken remains tender and tasty despite long cooking. Ideally, it is recommended to use a cast iron casserole dish because the metal is very conductive and ideal for this type of preparation. But be careful, you will need to make sure that the casserole dish is already hot before placing your chicken in it.

If you want crispy skin, simply remove the lid from the casserole dish for the last 15 minutes of cooking on the grill function and that’s it!

In addition to stewing the chicken, do not neglect the importance of certain parameters to tenderize the flesh of the poultry and above all to prevent it from drying out while cooking. Among our good cooking tips, we advise you to prepare a nice marinade and properly soak your chicken before, during and at the end of cooking. Based on olive oil, cream or even with Asian accents with soy sauce, marinades allow you to flavor the flesh but also prevent it from drying out.

Another idea: fat! And yes, the secret to very tender and soft flesh in the mouth lies in many cases in the addition of fat. To obtain tender chicken and crispy skin, we suggest mixing olive oil and pieces of butter. The result is stunning !


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