The series premiered on Netflix Hijacking of Flight 601a Colombian production with national talent inspired by what they have called the longest air hijacking in the history of Latin America.

A real life case that occurred in Colombia on May 30, 1973. Two armed men hijacked and threatened to detonate explosives on Flight 601, which had 43 passengers on board.

“It had to be unearthed and brought to the screen.” because it conveys many feelings of Colombians,” said Pablo González, director and screenwriter.

How was the production?

A challenging production that not only speaks of that moment, but also of an entire era.

This is how Mónica Lopera, actress, told it: “We filmed for 3 months on a plane, very confined, with all the space restrictions. That one without a doubt It has been the biggest and most spectacular challenge of my career. Happy to be able to tell a moment in the history of our country, of Latin America, so difficult, so complex.”

There were 60 hours of terror, 24,000 kilometers traveled and two landings and takeoffs.

“The skinny one takes it a little to the ground that I believe defines us as Colombians, which is the tragicomedy. These places where “One is on the verge of something comical happening, but in reality it is a tragic thing,” said Carlos Manuel Vesga, actor who plays The Skinny Marulanda, in the series Hijacking of Flight 601.

The episodes of this production drama and action with hints of humor They can be enjoyed now on Netflix.


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