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France and oysters are a true love story. In total, in France, each year, no less than 130,000 tonnes of oysters are produced and almost half are consumed between Christmas and New Year’s Day. We must recognize that if there is ever a time to enjoy this product, it is during the end-of-year holiday meal.

But before cooking them, you still need to open them well. A challenge that can be quite complicated and not without risks. In this article, we reveal some tips for opening oysters easily on the big day.

Chef Damien revealed, in an article, his advice for opening an oyster with a knife.

So, there are certain good actions to take. Already wash the oysters in cold water but without soaking them in order to remove impurities such as sand.

Do not use a cloth because, contrary to what one might think, a cloth to hold an oyster is dangerous. In fact, we feel protected, our vigilance decreases and the oyster can escape us more easily. Hold the oyster so that the wide part is at your fingertips and your hand is slightly curved to hold the shell. Next, gently slide the knife blade into the hinge between the two shells, at the base of the oyster. As a reminder, choose a knife with a short, narrow blade. So insist from right to left until you hear a little “clap”. This will mean the oyster is properly opened. Remove the shell and cut the nerve if necessary. Empty the shell of the water and make sure there are no impurities left inside.

Know that opening an oyster is not complicated. Here’s a little tip for this: look closely at the back of the oyster, you will be able to see a small hole. Insert the oyster knife into it and pry the blade to open it more easily. So, in a short time, you will open these molluscs.

Chef Christophe also revealed in a video how to do it in 1 minute. He reveals all his tips for becoming an expert in the field.

There are a few techniques to make opening oysters easier. The microwave tip is one of the tips we should know. For those who are afraid of cutting themselves, you can microwave your oysters. Place them in a deep dish compatible with microwave cooking, and cover it with cling film: 30 seconds at maximum power should be enough. This will allow the oyster to react to the heat and the shell will open, making it easier to open.


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