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What a pleasure to wake up and enjoy a fresh croissant or apple turnover. To make this morning pleasure last again and again, you had the good idea to buy pastries for the following morning. Yes, but after a few hours, they are already dry. Today, we reveal the ultimate technique to keep your pastries fresh for longer!

To keep your pastries fresh, you must store them in a paper bag, or, even better, in a bread compartment. The objective is to protect them from air and humidity so that they retain their crispness that we love so much. On the other hand, do not put them in a plastic bag, they risk becoming soft.

Once you want to taste them, heat them for a few minutes at 160°. This will give you (almost) ready-cooked baked goods.

What you can also do to always have good pastries on hand is to prepare them yourself, in advance. Once your croissants, pain au chocolat and donuts have been made, place them in individual freezer bags so that they do not stick together. Drain the air from it to avoid oxidation and let’s go for a little trip in the cold. With this method, you can keep them for a maximum of 3 months. To cook them, 200° for 15 minutes and that’s it! Surprising your guests during a brunch or a snack with homemade pastries is always very pleasant!

If you waited a little too long before putting your pastries in a paper bag or in the freezer, they may now be a little hard and dry. However, this is not an excuse to throw them away. You can easily transform them into a multitude of delicious preparations. Make your dry croissants into delicious anti-waste waffles, and your leftover brioche into a surprising Flemish pudding.


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