This is reported by the “Bild” with reference to an internal report by the Federal Police. Accordingly, it is particularly dramatic on the border with Poland. Here alone there were 14,303 illegal border crossings – an increase of 143.7 percent compared to the previous year.

The number of illegal border crossings from other countries also increased significantly:

  • from Switzerland, the number rose by 201.8 percent
  • 48.5 percent more illegal entries were registered from the Czech Republic
  • According to the report, there were 58.7 percent more from Luxembourg
  • 9,786 illegal immigrants came from Austria, about as many people as in the previous year

Federal Police Union: The migration crisis continues to escalate

“The migration crisis continues to escalate and is increasingly focused on Germany. The current numbers are frightening, especially considering that the Federal Minister of the Interior is still turning a blind eye to reality,” says Manuel Ostermann from the German Federal Police Union of the “Bild”.

“The situation will continue to worsen dramatically”

“The current findings of illegal entries are already shocking, but the situation will continue to worsen dramatically,” said Federal Police Union Chairman Heiko Teggatz of “Bild”.

And further: “Temporary border controls are currently the only effective way to counteract this development. Because this uncontrolled illegal migration harbors other dangers, and terrorists are also smuggled into Germany.”


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