A scandal arose inside a school located in the city of Paraná, Argentina, after a 10-year-old student found his teacher watching a video with adult content in the middle of computer class.

According to what was reported by Canal Once, the minor told her parents that the teacher “he was looking at two naked male adults.”

After this, the girl’s guardians went to the educational establishment and presented the case.

Due to the pedagogue’s actions, the school made the decision to suspend the man temporarilya fact that did not go down well at all among other parents, who They assured that after a week the professor resumed his position.

Different representatives of the students pointed out that this is not the first time that an event like this has occurred, since the same teacher He was accused of performing dynamics such as ‘Simon says’ so that the minors would touch their private parts.

Several parents are collecting signatures for the subject to be removed from school. “That a guy is watching pornography in front of our children It seems like a terrible thing to me and it is not the first time that there are comments about him. The truth is that he sucks and the school covers things up. I hope we don’t see him again because I don’t feel safe that my boys are close to that person,” said a student’s guardian to the aforementioned media.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/en-plena-clase-nina-encontro-a-su-profesor-viendo-un-video-con-contenido-para-adultos-rg10

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