O North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will have turned 40 this Monday. However, the country’s state agencies remained silent about his alleged birthday.

A Jong-un’s birth date has been given as January 8 and, according to the North American government, the year is 1984.

In 2016, in an interview with The Washington Post, an aunt of the North Korean leader, who fled to the United States, confirmed the suspicions and pointed out that her nephew was born in the same year as her son.

“He and my son played together since birth. I changed their diapers for both of them”said.

In January 2020, the North Korean officials said the leader had received birthday congratulations of the then US president, Donald Trump, but they did not confirm the exact date.

According to the state news agency KCNA, he spent this Monday visiting an aviary, accompanied by his daughter, and senior officials of the country, whose images you can see in the gallery above.

Although his birthday went unnoticed in the country and the world, the same did not happen with the birth dates of his father and grandfather, who preceded him as rulers.

The North Korean leader’s father, Kim Jong-il, was born on February 16 and Bright Star Day is celebrated. On the birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, on April 15th, Sun Day is celebrated.

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