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Salmon, foie gras, chocolates: if these foods are popular during the end-of-year holidays, once they have passed, unsold stocks are threatened with being thrown away. In order to fight against waste, a site has decided to resell these products at discounted prices.

In total, each year, there are no less than 76,000 tonnes of food wasted after the month of December. The objective of the company “Willy anti-gaspi” is simple: stem this phenomenon. How ? By collecting unsold items from manufacturers in order to resell them at discounted prices: “These overstocked party products, which are often thrown away, we recover them to offer them less expensively to our customers, on our site” explains to ParisianJonathan Negrin co-founder with Clément Mery.

In fact, manufacturers produce in very large quantities for this occasion in order to respond to possible orders from large retailers. But once the holidays are over, distributors no longer want them ,“the expiry date is getting closer or because the special holiday packaging no longer fits with current events” affirm our colleagues.

To remedy this problem, the site has therefore set up a “afterwards calendar”. Every day in January, holiday products sold at half price are offered to customers from more than 200 partner brands. The goal ? Save 5,000 holiday products this year so they don’t end up in the trash.

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From this Monday, the platform has also decided to set up a “Christmas basket” at a price of 25 euros composed of eight festive products present in the calendar or collected at the last minute, worth 50 euros. This is an opportunity to save money, while having fun.


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