More of 21 million people are eligible to vote in Venezuela’s presidential elections on July 28, 2024. However, the percentage of those who will be able to do so outside the country is very low.

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Víctor, 25 years old, is one of the thousands of Venezuelans in Argentina who He was unable to register to vote at the Venezuelan consulate. Only 2% of those residing in that country will be able to vote in the presidential elections.

“The Venezuelan Embassy in Argentina denied me the right to register. They told me that the reason was because my passport had expired.”assured the young man.

Jean Álvarez is a Venezuelan doctor, also residing in Argentina, who was also unable to register to vote: “Unfortunately, I cannot do so. I do not have a valid passport, beyond the fact that The electoral law requires a valid Venezuelan ID.

The electoral registry reports that 21,620,705 people are eligible to vote, of which only 69,211 are abroad.

This, despite the fact that there are more than 7 million Venezuelan migrants scattered around the world.

Political analyst Luis Peche believes that chavismo seeks the conditions to favor its victory, despite its low popularity.

“Understanding that the vote of migrants is a majority opposition vote due to all the conditions under which people have left Venezuela in recent years, it ends up fulfilling that objective of Chavismo of not having that vote that could be fundamental and decisive when choosing the new president, Peche explained.”

According to the polling firm Delphos, Nicolás Maduro has risen eight points in voting intention and went from 18% to 26%, while the opposition accumulates more than 50% of popular support, a figure that other polling firms agree on.

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