Alejandro Eder, mayor of Cali, will travel this Sunday, May 19, to Rome where he will participate in the First International Meeting of Meaning, which will take place in Vatican City.

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Eder will represent Colombia as the only popularly elected leader at this event. On Thursday, May 23, the president of the capital of Valle del Cauca will present the conclusions of these dialogues to Pope Francis. In addition, he will ask for support for COP16 and send a message of peace and reconciliation for the country and the world.

“The message to the pope will be first seeking the support of the Holy Father and the Vatican for the organization of COP16 here and obviously for the presence of the Vatican during the event, but also a message of reconciliation to Cali and Colombia. Here we cannot remain disunited, we cannot continue in this polarization,” said Mayor Eder.

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Mayor of Cali, Alejandro Eder, will travel to the Vatican and meet with Pope Francis

The mayor of Cali, Alejandro Eder, received an invitation from the Vatican where he will speak with Pope Francis about COP16, biodiversity and peace dialogues in Colombia.

Thumbnail: Eder will ask the Pope for support for COP16

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