IIsrael has intensified attacks against Rafah over the past few days, in an action described by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant as a “precise operation” against “battalions” of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

There were 1.4 million people in the city before the resurgence of the offensive, most of them displaced from other areas of the Palestinian enclave.

In the long text published on the platform, Philippe Lazzarini pointed out that, “when people move, they are exposed, without safe passage or protection”.

“Every time they are forced to leave behind the few belongings they have: mattresses, tents, kitchen utensils and essential goods that they cannot carry or pay to transport. Every time they have to start from scratch, everything new,” he wrote.

The UNRWA official added that the places where the displaced people are going “do not have a supply of drinking water or sanitary facilities”.

The offensive against Rafah also resulted in the control of the Palestinian side of the border crossing with Egypt, with the interruption of aid operations, which intensified the already serious humanitarian crisis in the enclave due to the almost total absence of supplies after several months of war.

In this sense, the leader of the UN agency pointed out that the situation in the region is “again being greatly worsened by the lack of aid and basic supplies”.

“The distribution of aid is almost impossible without regular fuel imports, without stable telecommunications,” he said, given the closure of the main crossing points into Gaza, due to their proximity to combat zones.

“The crossing points must be reopened and their access must be safe. Without the reopening of these routes, the deprivation of assistance and catastrophic humanitarian conditions will continue”, he urged.

In the official’s opinion, it is imperative to reach an agreement for a ceasefire.

“Any further escalation in fighting will only cause more harm to civilians and make impossible the peace and stability that Israelis and Palestinians desperately need and deserve,” he stressed.

Despite limited access at crossing points, the World Food Program (WFP) confirmed today that 10 trucks of food, including high-energy biscuits, rice, pasta and lentils, arrived at its warehouse via the floating dock on the coast of Gaza. .

Quoted today by UN News, the Central Command of the United States Armed Forces, responsible for the construction of the dock, announced that the trucks began circulating at approximately 09:00 local time on Friday (07:00 in Lisbon), and that no American troops landed in the area.

The Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip caused more than 35,000 deaths and nearly 80,000 injuries in seven months, according to data from the enclave’s Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas since 2007.

The current conflict was triggered by an unprecedented attack by Hamas in southern Israel, on October 7, 2023, which caused around 1,200 deaths and two hundred hostages, according to Israeli authorities.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2563657/mais-de-800-mil-palestinianos-abandonaram-rafah-desde-inicio-da-ofensiva

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